Friday, July 22, 2011

Botanical Gardens, Spouting Horn, Poipu, Beach and Hanapepe

We finally had a chance to do some exploring today!  We started the morning by going to the Allerton Botanical Gardens, which is in the city of Koloa.  When we arrived we found out that you had to pay to go see most of the gardens, but there was a smaller garden that anyone could see for free.  Then we were told residents of Hawaii can see the gardens for free on Sunday's!  So we decided we would wait until we get our new ID's instead of spending the money.  We did spend some time looking around at the smaller (free) garden, it was beautiful!

Next, we went to Spouting Horn which is a blow hole that sprays water up to 50 feet in the air.  According to ancient Hawaiian legend a giant lizard guarded the area and became stuck under the rocks and that is why you hear strange sounds when the water is rushing underneath.

After seeing Spouting Horn we went to Poipu Beach and went swimming.  The water was crystal clear!  Pictures would speak louder than words, so I will post some soon!

This evening, one of the students who will be in my class came over.  He had extremely good manners and was very helpful (he helped get the table ready for dinner).  After dinner he cleared everyone's plate without being asked!  He called Cory "uncle" and he called me "auntie".  He asked me if I spoke "Michigan" or not, so I explained that in Michigan we don't have our own language like Hawaii does.

For dinner we had a traditional Hawaiian meal of poi, and chicken wrapped in taro leaves.  Poi is a plant that is cooked and ground into kind of a paste, it is eaten with almost every meal.  Taro is the leaves that are also a part of the poi plant, they are kind of like spinach.  The students had prepared the poi and picked the taro leaves on a camping trip they went on as a school that they returned from today.

After dinner we went to the town of Hanapepe where there a a dozen art galleries and a few small souvenir and jewelry shops.  Every Friday night everything opens up for a kind of festival.  We enjoyed walking around and looking at the artwork.  We also each got a slice of delicious homemade pie, mango and blueberry pina colado. 

Now it's time for bed because tomorrow we are going to have a busy day!