Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cory Got his first Hawaii job!

Its true, people actually want to hire me! I was as shocked as you are right now. haha

In all seriousness, I have been on a non-stop rally to find a job out here. Being a small island that has 60,000 people on it there are not many quality jobs. Everyday has started the same, I wake up, take a shower, eat some papaya or some tropical fruit for breakfast in addition to some delicious cereal. Then after that I am online for about an hour searching out jobs.

I started focusing on craigslist, but there is only one job a day worth applying to on craigslist that pays a livable wage. So I stated searching out some businesses that I would like to work for and just sent thing emails hoping for a response. Well I got one...

I emailed a gymnastics gym, figuring that with my background it was my best bet to find a quick and easy job. I met with Jack Leonard and his wife  at their gym. Some of you may recognize him, or the people he has coached in the past. below is a quick bio from their website:

"He’s a past 9-time National Champion who graduated with a degree in education from Ohio State where he was also a Cheerleader.  He has coached all levels from 3-year old beginners to Olympians, earning two National High School Coach of the Year Awards (once for men; once for women).  He was assistant coach of 3-time Olympian Dominique Dawes.  He also ran a success after-school gymnastics program called Jack Leonard Gymnastics (JLG).  At its peak, JLG taught gymnastics and fitness to over 300 kids a week.  Jack brings his depth of personal gymnastics experience to bear on how he coaches every gymnast to succeed.  To view a longer history/bio about Jack, click here."

He had alot of stories and experiences to share. I went to their gym and had a impromptu interview and afterwords I had a nice conversation with his wife Kay who officially offered me the job. It's only part time, but the pay is good and the job should be fun.

I also had a interview with a lighting company the same day, and it is conveniently 25 yards from the gymnastics gym. Everyone at this company is great and I can see myself working with them long term. The position is "Merchandise Fulfillment Coordinator" . I would be in charge of managing and purchasing inventory, assisting on the sales floor and general admin responsibilities.

Should I get that position I would be able to work there during the day and then after work help out at the gym and get some extra cash.


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