Friday, July 22, 2011

Cory made it!

Well I finally made it to Hawaii. When we got there we got some pizza and then went straight the the beach in Waimea Kauai. The water is amazing there, much more blue then some other spots due to the high tide. After snapping some pictures (in the picture tab) we went to Hedy's house to un-pack. after relaxing for a bit Emilie wanted to show me a few places we could stay. The one we both liked is located in Waimea. It is a one bedroom apartment built behind a house. They have a pond with HUGE coy fish.. 2 feet long easy. The neighborhood is definitely different then in Michigan but we are excited to get moved in. We will still be keeping an eye out for other places to live as well since this is a month to month lease.

When we got home we decided to take a quick nap and then get up and do some exploring. It was 4pm Hawaii time which made it 10 pm eastern time..... So our nap turned into us sleeping 12hours as we woke up at 4am. So we are going to get some breakfast and then start our exploration!


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