Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emilie is on her way, mean while I am stuck in michigan, still working....

It’s been a crazy few days. Saying bye to friends and family, cleaning our apartment, and packing. But that’s finally all behind us now as Emilie is currently on her way to her first layover in Las Vegas. Meanwhile I am stuck in Michigan for 1.5 more days. Moving to Kauai has been hard, but it will be well worth it!

We have not found a place to live yet. Unfortunately the great apartment we were so excited to see was rented out to someone else. We are still optimistic; Emilie and the Principle at the school she will be teaching at will be going apartment shopping over the next few days.

We have packed our entire life in 3 suit cases and 2 carry-ons. The Space-saver bags we got are incredible. Those are the ones you hook your vacuum up to and suck all the air out.  We filled a suitcase with; 2 pillows, 2 sheets, a comforter, 2 beach towels, 2 regular towels, and had room to spare. Awesome.

I am very proud of Emilie, traveling halfway around the world by herself. It was unfortunate that I had to stay behind, but it was important that I gave as close to a two weeks’ notice as I could for my job. I feel this will actually work out good for us though. This will give Emilie and her principle (I think her name is Heidi) time to get to know each other and also have one less person in her home while they find a place for us to live.

I am excited to get to the Island! Next few days will be very exciting and we will keep you all posted!