Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hawaiian Funeral

The day is only half-way over here and it has been quite an interesting day.  I got to see the school I will be working in.  The hallways are outside of the building and there is a nice courtyard area in the center.  The students eat lunch outside on picnic tables.  They do not have a "physical education" class, instead they have "hula class".

Next I was supposed to drop Hedy off at a funeral, but when we got there she asked me to come in so I could meet some of the students (most of the students at the school came to the funeral).  The funeral was for an elderly man, I learned that in the Hawaiian culture elderly people are very much respected and valued in the community.  Everyone calls them either "Mama" or "Papa"   The people were dressed in white or other bright colors.  A lady did the hula and there was a lot of singing and ukelele music. They also said quite a few prayers in Hawaiian.  When I met the students they greeted me by kissing me on the cheek (that is how they greet everyone).  At the end of the funeral everyone got in a line and viewed the body and kissed him before leaving.

I've already looked at three possible places to live.  One of them seems like it could be good but I still have one more place to look at tonight!

Cory arrives tomorrow morning!  I can't wait :)


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