Thursday, July 14, 2011


It is important to understand how the idea of moving to Kauai all began.

Emilie and I (Cory) decided to take a trip to Oahu HI almost a year ago. What started as a joke, or a fun topic to talk about quickly turned into reality as we purchased our round trip plane tickets to get us half way around the world. As we started discussing the idea of visiting the islands, we came to realize that people do actually live there! So, we did some researched and decided that our visit to Hawaii would also serve as an opportunity for Emilie to interview for teaching positions out there. She had a wonderful interview, which we found out was a screening interview for all the public schools on all the islands.

After the interview we were able to stay with a friend of ours, Jason Foco for a week before returning to the mainland. This saved us money, and gave us the opportunity to see Hawaii in a whole new perspective. We saw waterfalls, huge cliffs, went para-sailing, snorkeling, you name it we did it.

This blog however is not about that trip, this is just to give you some insight on how we got into the situation we are in today……Frantically trying to sublet our apartment, store or return our wedding gifts, quit our current jobs, working on finding a place to live in Hawaii,  a car to drive, and a job for me!

Lets fast forward a bit to when the excitement begins...