Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camping in Hanalei Kauai

The last few days have been crazy. We have meet a really fun couple out here on accident about two days ago. We were walking around Koloa and walked past a  Koloa real-estate company's office and we decided to stop by to see if they had any properties for rent. Unfortunately they did not. However we got to talking with Branden, the guy who was working in the office and we told him that we have just moved out here a few days ago. He said that him and his wife had moved to Kauai at about the same age as us. His wife was actually born in Hawaii and then moved out to California. She then met Branden and they decided to move out here and make it a permanent stay... Anyways, at the end of our conversation I told him we should all get together and surf some time. We exchanged contact info and went on our way.

Later that night, we got a call from Branden and he said they they are going camping tomorrow morning on the north shore to do some surfing. Emilie and I happened to had brought our tent, so we figured why not. 

It was about a hour drive to the north shore, maybe a little more from where we live, but well worth the trip. We set up our tents... on the beach!! and took out the surf boards.

I did not get a picture but Emilie rode a wave probably 100 yards... and yes she was standing up! Later that day Branden and I went out and hit some bigger waves.. Although the bigger waves were still not very big. This particular spot is where many surf competitions are held later in the year, but right not the surf is low, which was perfect for the kids, and for Emilie and I as we learned how to surf.

After a delicious BBQ dinner, we headed down the street to a park where they showed the movie "Soul Surfer"...... It is about a girl who lost her arm in a shark attack while she was training for her next surf competition. It was a outdoor movie and unfortunately it was rained out.  But not before we met Bethany Hamilton, the girl the movie was about!
This is us with Bethany Hamilton.

The next morning Emilie and I were up by 6am. We dropped our tent and took a nice walk along the shoreline. We saw countless rainbows coming from the mountains! We walked the pier and looked at some small fish, who were not at all interested in the pop-tarts I tried to feed them. 

On our walk back, everyone else had woke up, so we had breakfast.

After breakfast, Branden went and got a kayak and another paddle board so we could go up a river that flowed into the ocean only a few yards from our camp site.. it was a great trip! There were hundreds of flowers floating in the water, we found a particular flower that you can use as a natural shampoo, and of course the view was stunning...

After our two hour long trip on the river, we packed our cars, had lunch and decided that we would check out some caves that were only about 15 minutes further north. 

After we were done exploring the caves it was about 4pm and we decided to call it quits. we made the long trip home and were in and out of consciousness for the whole ride until we saw a familiar building that we have not seen in at least a week.......