Monday, July 25, 2011

Kula Aupuni Niihau A Kahelelani Aloha

Today was my first day at Kula Aupuni Niihau A Kahelelani Aloha, KANAKA for short.  It was a little overwhelming at first because I'm supposed to make a syllabus.  Which wouldn't be too bad if I was just teaching one grade.  I have to make one for each grade that I teach (2nd, 3rd, and 5th), making sure to use the school curriculum, align it with the standards, and figure out how I can teach three curriculum's at once.  Not to mention I found out that my class combines with the kindergarten and first graders for science and social studies and there is not any resources for those subjects, so the teacher of that classroom and I will work together to figure out how to make that work. 

As I was going through the stuff in my classroom I found a section of Bible study documents all written in Hawaiian.  One of the other teachers told me that up until a couple years ago they had bible study as part of the school day, even though it is not considered to be any type of religious school.  It was a way of incorporating Hawaiian culture and traditions into the school day.

Another interesting thing I learned was that they begin and end each staff meeting with a long prayer spoken in Hawaiian.

On another note, we are hopefully moving in to our new "cottage" tomorrow!


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