Thursday, July 14, 2011

Playing Catch-up

We have to play catch-up seeing that we just decided to start a blog of this experience, so here is the rundown of the past week…

Friday July 8th-
It is the day before our wedding and we received word that Emilie was offered a job on Kauai island in Hawaii. We need to give them our answer by Monday, only giving us three days!

Saturday July 9th-
Wedding day!

Sunday July 10th-
We discussed Hawaii and decided to make the plunge into the Pacific Ocean

Monday July 11th-
We put up our apartment on craigslist for sublease. We had TONS of interested people. We never thought that it would be so easy, but it seems like everything is falling into place. Now we have the difficult decision on who will take our apartment. There are many great prospects, but we need to narrow it down soon.

Tuesday July 12th -
The Moving out Begins, we have been packing box after box of stuff. Its partially nice to de-clutter our life with junk we never even use, and it couldn’t be at a better time of our life. We will be starting fresh, with literally no baggage!

Wednesday July 13th-
SUBLEASER FOUND, the biggest stressor so far has been lifted off our shoulders. We found a wonderful girl named Amanda who is willing to take our apartment for the full 7 months we have left on our lease. We could not ask for a better situation.

Thursday July 14th-
We are about done with packing at this point, we went to Livonia for Corys last softball game and to drop off more stuff at my storage unit, AKA Corys old room at his parents!
We have not really decided how often we should write in the blog, The idea of every day is nice because it will keep us on a schedule and we can rotate so its really only every other day. The issue with that is the content might get a little stale, and we may get burned out. I guess we will see!

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