Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camping at Polihale State Park

Emilie and I went on a overnight camping trip on the west side of the island at Polihale State Park. The directions to get there were really easy, we had to drive west until the paved road ended and turned to dirt, and eventually into a one-lane road and then stop at the dead-end which was the campground. However we had a rough start to the night...we were already on the road for 10 minutes when we realized we forgot our tent and had to turn around to pick it up! 

But we did make it before the sunset!

We left at 6 or so, and it took about 30min to get there and set up camp. For as warm as it gets out here, the sun actually sets here very early. According to Google the sun set at 7:15 p.m. compared to 9 p.m. in Michigan.

So this place is awesome in the sense that your free really to do what you want with in reason. People drive on the beach which is basically the sand dunes, you can have fires on the beach too. I decided to set up the tent farther away from the water then necessary next to a hill to block some of the crazy wind... unfortunately it did not help one  bit. Emilie was off unpacking stuff so I had to try to set this tent up and the only way I could do it was if I staked it in first and then put the pole in, otherwise it turned into a kite.
If you look close you can see our tent in the background!

So we set up camp then went on a hunt for firewood which was a challenge, everything was alive, or had some huge thorns in them, which I learned about the hard way. I was lucky enough to find a partially dead tree that sufficed for our firewood that night.

We woke up, and for the first time we did not hear the dang wild chickens.

We grabbed a pop-tart and walked a few feet over to the ocean to have breakfast.

Ate our pop-tart, and hit some waves...

That one is my favorite! ^

We did do some exploring and got really close to the huge cliffs

The rest of the morning was spent body-boarding at the beach before heading home.   Some of the waves were as big as 6 feet tall!  The sand at this beach is very soft and there are not any rocks to worry about cutting your feet on, making it perfect for body-boarding.  Plus, hardly ANYONE was there since it is so far away for most people to get to, so we didn't have to worry about being crowded with other body-boarders or people in the water.  It has definitely become one of our favorite beaches!

-Cory  and Emilie

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