Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Extra-Curricular Activities and Baby Chickens!

The school I work at does not have any "extra-curricular activities"... which kind of makes sense when you remember there are only 50 kids in the K-12 school.  It would be hard to put together a team.  One of the 9th graders decided to make her own "hip-hop dance team" (completely student-led).  So the group of about 8 students preformed at the Open House last week.  There routine includes some simple gymnastics moves so Cory came to their practice yesterday to help them out.  They were SO excited!  Cory helped them clean up their choreography and added a cheer-leading stunt into the routine. 

I also have a funny story... I don't know if we have mentioned that there are wild chickens EVERYWHERE on this island!  At first we could hardly sleep because they kept us awake at night.  Well, some baby chickens have been living in our school-yard.  But sadly, a dog keep's trying to attack them.  Today at recess the principal asked me to help her catch the chicks to set them loose somewhere safer for them.  Wow, they were fast!  But we managed to catch them all!  I never thought I could say I caught chickens while I was at work!


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