Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hammerhead Sharks!

Yesterday I took Emilie out to celebrate her 1st day of school with kids, even though she did not have to teach them anything due to the funeral. We went to a J & J's BBQ restaurant that was more like a Chinese restaurant with a small menu of burgers and chicken. It actually was very good food and prices were even better. It was less then $2 for a nice size burger and $6 for a huge plate of Orange Chicken with fried rice.

After we had our early dinner we walked around and went into some shops just to look around. As we were leaving this particular shop, this lady (probably the owner) said "what,  every-ting ok?" in a very rude tone because we walked out without buying. Now this wouldn’t have even bothered me, but that’s how she talks to everyone as they are leaving who doesn’t buy something... That can’t be good for business. 

As we started walking back home we caught a glimpse of this pier in the distance that extends into the ocean about 100 yards. so we walked out and this particular beach is not good for swimming, or much of anything due to the black sand that makes up the beach, and clouds the water. However, fishing is quite good. We were out there for about 15 minutes watching kids with fishing poles and crab nets have a good old time, one of the older kids caught a small fish, nothing special. Then suddenly, the youngest kid’s rod starts bending... meaning he has caught a fish. Emilie and I start walking over to see what he caught… and it looked like this kid was fighting for his life trying to real this thing in... After what felt like 5 minutes he pulls out this fish....

After talking with this kid for a little while, I asked him what he was going to do with the shark. He looks at me and says, I am gonna us it as bait! Then takes his knife and cuts the head off.

I was not going to complain that he did not throw this little guy back. He probably just saved a life.

This was a good introduction to sharks, being that I was on dry land, and the shark was smaller then me. I am sure i will encounter one in the water at some point, but i hope no time soon! P.S if anyone wants to send me a diving knife, i will be more then happy to take it out with me anytime i go snorkeling/scuba diving.

Take that shark week,


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