Friday, August 12, 2011

I cant remember the last time I went 3 weeks without milk...

Yesterday we received a package from a family that Emilie knows from her church. Inside was some very delicious cookies!  A wonderful and thoughtful surprise! Upon seeing them, Emilie's eyes widened with joy just as my 1st tear dropped from my face. It was the last straw.  You CANNOT eat cookies without an ice cold glass of milk. So I pulled Emilie into our car and we proceeded to spend $4.87 on a gallon of milk.


After that Emilie and I decided to go to Lihue before I started work at 7:30pm coaching. That night I only worked for a hour and a half, but it was ok because Emilie needed to buy a new swim suit. Coaching has been fun so far, I would like more hours but at this point I am just happy to have something.  

My 2nd interview at that Kilohana Lighting Comapany went  really well. I should find out what there plan is by Monday. I guess there have been quite a few applicants and they even talked about having a third interview. Personally I hope not! They need to give me the job now so I can start working, its been almost 3 weeks from when I sent my resume.  :-)  here is a link to their website:

I will keep you updated,

- Cory

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