Monday, August 29, 2011

Kauai County Fair

Friday we went to the fair which happens only once a year. This is probably the biggest event for kids and teenagers and because of that, it got packed! We got there about 30 minutes before everything opened and took a quick tour of the place and bought some delicious food.  It was some of the better food that I have had at a county fair. They did of course have their deep fried Twinkies and Elephant Ears… but we tried to stick to some of the healthier choices.

Anyways Emilie and I had been spoiled living on the mainland, and only hours from Cedar Point. The rides here were so small, even the Ferris Wheel!  They were also very expensive to ride. The most expensive was the Zipper… $6 per person.  The kids didn’t seem to mind though, the lines were long and they seemed to be having fun. There was also a BIG tent with every carnival game you could think of. You could throw balls at 3 pins, throw balls into holes, throw balls and get them to land on something with holes in it, you had dart games, racing games, water games, BB gun games, and basketball hoops that were the size of one you would find in a doll house (not really).

We were shocked to find a place hidden in the back. This place breaks all the rules of Carnivals; they had free samples of food!  There must have been over 20 cooks complete with the white chef’s hats passing out Emilie size meals of meatballs, mashed potatoes, ribs, and steak. On top of that, they had free samples of different juice and coffee.  Unfortunately we found this after we ate, but we did what anyone else would do… pigged out on the freebees!

Behind the carnival game tent was another tent for your farmers and arts and crafts people. We spent a good amount of time in that tent and saw lots of HUGE fruits and vegetables on display.  One is called a Jack Fruit.

We also saw a 45 year old Bonzi tree that was no taller than 3 feet. There were probably about 30 Bonzi trees and trees in the same family I’d guess on display. Very cool to see.


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