Monday, August 29, 2011

Kauai Gymnastics Academy

As we mentioned earlier, Cory is currently working at the Kauai Gymnastics Academy which is the ONLY gymnastics facility on the island.  In fact, he is there as I write this. He has to take an hour bus ride to get there from Waimea.  Luckily, we will be moving much closer this week so he won't have to spend quite as much time on the bus... but he tells me he meets some interesting people there.

We learned that the gym has a pretty interesting history, the guy who owns the gym was the assistant coach for the Olympic Medal winner Dominique Dawes  who became famous in 1996!  I remember being obbsessed with her in 3rd grade.

Last week, Cory had four girls in his class who were all trying to learn how to do a back-handspring. By the end of the class ALL of them could do it on their own! Very impressive! Maybe someone that Cory teaches will end up at the Olympics one day. 


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