Friday, August 12, 2011

Lei Making

Yesterday at school the students were learning how to make different types of lei's to wear for their hula performance (which was today).  I learned how to make them too!  There are many different types of lei's, but I made one of the most simple ones called the Kui lei.  All you need is a special long flexible needle which can be purchased at ACE Hardware, thin string, and of course you need the flowers!  The Hawaiian Culture teacher picked the flowers that morning before school.  He said it only took an hour and a half to pick them all, and he got enough for about 75 lei's!  I think I'm going to buy the supplies so I can make them on  my own if I want to.  They turned out very beautiful!

Here are some of the finshished lei's and one of the bin's of flowers.

     Here are a few more of the finished lei's and the string we used to make them.

   Here I am with my finished masterpiece!

I think I found my new favorite thing to do!


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