Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Married for One Month :)

Yesterday was our  "one month anniversary" of being married.  I can't believe how fast that month went by.  We went out to dinner at a place called "Grinders".  I wouldn't recommend it... it reminded us of a very expensive coney island with slow service.  But the food was good!  Then we went to Salt Pond which is the closest nice beach to Waimea.  I became obbsessed with picking up shells off the beach while Cory watched crabs poke out of their holes in the sand.  It is hard to find any big shells at this beach, but I still enjoyed finding the little ones. Eventually I want to figure out how to make them into some type of jewlery.  The sunset was BEAUTIFUL!  The ocean litterally looked like it had been dyed purple and the clouds were amazing colors.  Cory said that it looked like a painting more than real life.

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