Monday, August 8, 2011

New Home in Kalaheo and Project Wild

On September 1st we are moving to Kalaheo, which is about 30 minutes east of Waimea (where we are living now).  We will be living on the bottom floor of a two-story house.  We got it for a great price, it is furnished, includes utilities, and includes internet.  We are looking forward to moving in!  Kalaheo will be a more convenient location for us to live, it is closer to Lihue which is where all of the big stores are (and where the gym Cory works at is).  It is also closer to more of the nicer beaches to swim at.  One of those beaches is Poipu beach, which is great beach to learn to surf at!

We went surfing over the weekend at Poipu.  Cory did really well (MUCH better than I did).  Poipu beach is where all the "surf schools" are at.  But luckily for us, our friends Brandon and Natasha were there to teach us.  I need a lot of practice though!  Eventually we plan to get our own surf board.

On another note, school went really well today.  On Monday's and Tuesday's we combine with the kindergarten and first graders for science.  There isn't an actual science curriculum, but I discovered that the school has a "Project Wild" lesson book which has a lot of really great interactive science lesson plans that are designed to be used with multi-aged children.  Most of the lessons include some kind of game to reinforce whatever we are learning about that day.  It went awesome!  It was really easy to differentiate to the different grade levels, and we got them up and moving which was good (especially since it was the end of the day and they were restless anyways).


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