Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ocean Views at Poipu

Friday was Hawaii's "Statehood Day" so that meant we had the day off!  We spent two days with one of the wonderful teacher's that I work with.  We went snorkeling together at Poipu beach... it was amazing!  She told us the experience is quite different if you have fish food with you, so we brought some out with us.  She was right! The fish swarmed at us once we let the food go. 

We saw fish of every size and color imaginable!  Some of the high-lights were a slate-pencil sea urchin and a sea turtle!

As we went a little further out into deeper water we were able to see even larger fish.  Such as the one in the next picture that you see near Cory's head.
 So now we know that food is definitely the trick to snorkeling! After spending quite a bit of time in the water we took a walk along the coast.  Further down are some cliffs that we explored to catch some different views of the ocean and to see the waves crash into them.

I think that this would be a nice area to have a picnic sometime.  Watching the waves is very entrancing.  The water is extremely clear here and we could see dozens of sea turtles. We were told that in the winter you can see whales from this spot!

Eventually we made it back to the beach where we discovered a lost baby chick.  Kids like to scare the chickens which is too bad because when they do that the babies can become separated from their families and they often end up dying.  If a baby chick tries to join another family it will get pecked to death! So to make a long story short, I now have a class pet named "Chicky"... at least until it get's big enough to survive on it's own.


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