Monday, August 1, 2011

Snorkeling! & Fruit Hunting

We bought 2 pairs of nice snorkel equipment earlier in the week and used it on Saturday and Sunday. We did not have the fins on Saturday and we decided to pick those up on Sunday and what difference! Not only do they help make swimming easier, but more importantly they protect your feet. Below are some pictures from our 1st day of snorkeling.

After snorkeling we decided to relax on the beach…
This beach was nicknamed Hana Bay, how fitting!
Enjoying the sun...
Getting ready to hit the waves with our new boogy board.

After we got nice and sun burnt, we went to a restaurant that had a great second story view of the ocean and beach. We didn’t take any pictures, but we did have a great burger and fries!!

Sunday night we decided to go on a fruit hut! This involved a back pack and a sharp eye. We did not take from any houses, but only from public property.  Below is a list of what we have found:

Fresh Bananas!
Coconuts- We picked some young green ones that we drank the water inside, and ate some of the “meat” which is the most inner white wall of the coconut. When it’s a young coconut, it is a paste. As the coconut ages, it becomes hard and that’s when you  
Bananas- The bananas here are not your typical banana found at Kroger, they are smaller bananas that have more sweetness to them. Bananas are all over the place!
Oranges-  Oranges are not as easy to find, we found our tree by the local fire department.  We grabbed a few and realized that ants also really like the fruit. So we had to find some less ripe ones to take home that the ants have not attacked.
Limes:  I have never had a more fresh lime, we will never be in short supply!
Guava-  A very tasty fruit, but I would never buy it. You don’t get much bang for your buck. With lots of seeds in the middle, there is not much you can eat. I did read however you can eat it like a apple, rind and all. I have not tried that yet, I guess ill have to.
Papaya- One of the best breakfast foods in Hawaii, and is popular with the residents. This one was hard to find outside of people’s backyards, however we did locate a few trees in a hotel/resort walking distance from our place.
*All of these fruits we have found by just walking from our home! So this should help us save when buying food, something hard to do in Hawaii!

Thats all fo now!


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