Monday, September 5, 2011

Bus Trip to the North Shore

Emilie and I decided that we wanted a weekend to ourselves since it seems like most weekends we are our on some adventure with our friends. After some discussion, we decided that we wanted to go camping at the North Shore. Adding to the adventure we also decided to take the bus. Last weekend we nearly got stranded because we did not know the bus routes were different than on the weekdays. This time we were prepared! Due to the length of our trip, we had to switch buses halfway in Lihue to pick up the bus that would take us to the North Shore.

We packed light, and only took what we could carry with us. Thankfully we were only going for one night because this included clothes, sleeping bag, tent, food, etc. This was a lot easier with our hiking backpacks. We made it in about 3 hours including a stop for lunch in Lihue.

We setup camp (10 feet from the beach)  and went down towards the water. Emilie was instantly entranced by all the shells. We walked along the water and picked up tons of them. I think she wants to make earrings out of them.  We eventually made it into the water; while we were swimming we saw a bride and groom taking wedding pictures in the sand by the water. The photographer even had a bag of flower pedals that he threw in front of them for an action shot.

 We made it back in time for the sunset!

That night we met some people camping next to us that had some great Hawaiian food that they offered us. One of the people we met talked about how he grew up as a fisherman and was put in jail for catching sea turtles. He was caught multiple times, and I think the charge was for other offenses as well… We didn’t ask too many questions. He did say that restaurants will buy the meat of the turtle even though it’s illegal.

In the morning we got up early, packed our things and made our way back home. We jumped on the bus and made our way to the Kilauea lighthouse. It was a 1.7 mile hike from the bus stop. It was not really worth the long walk, but a very nice view. The fact that we live here, it’s a must see for us. But for visitors, if you’re in the area, it’s a great quick side trip. Otherwise don’t go out of your way, there is plenty to see on the island! Also if you expected to get a close up view, you will be disappointed. The path to the light house is on private property completely blocked off. Only a ninja could penetrate the security gates.  It is opened to the public at certain times for a fee of $5.

We made it back to town with time to spare before the bus picked us up to finish our trip so we grabbed a bite to eat while we waited. We had planned on stopping in Kapa’a but we were so tired we decided to stop there a different day.

We eventually made it home… to our new place in Kalaheo!
 The kitchen

 We live on the bottom story and the owners live upstairs.

 Our front porch

 Our bedroom

 The bathroom

 Dining area

 Living Room


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