Monday, September 12, 2011

Day at Poipu Beach

Over the weekend we went snorkeling again, the waves were bigger so the water wasn't quite as clear as some of the other times we went out.  However, we still saw plenty of gigantic fish and for the first time, we saw an eel!  It moved extremely quickly.  I saw it slithering between the rocks on the ocean floor.  Unfortunately, it was so quick that we weren't able to take a picture of it.  It was several feet long and had black and white spots on it.

After snorkeling we relaxed for a little bit at a nearby resort with a hot tub!  It is one of my new favorite places to go to! 

 This is the pool.  It had decently warm water but after being in the hot tub it was too cold for me to get in!

 I couldn't resist taking a picture of this beautiful flower!

 This is a Stephanotis flower, they are very common here.  It was one of the flowers I chose for my wedding bouquet without knowing it is actually a traditional wedding flower. The nickname for this flower is the "Bridal Veil."

- Emilie

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