Monday, September 26, 2011

Glass Beach

On Saturday I went to Glass Beach in Hanapepe.  I had not heard of it until a coworker told me about it.  This beach is unmarked and does not appear to be advertised much.  Unfortunately, Cory had to work so I went by myself.  I had to drive down a mostly deserted road in an "industrial" section of the town.  The pavement ended and it turned into a one-lane dirt road.  I walked down to the water and was amazed at the sight, there was beach glass EVERYWHERE!  It seemed as if there was more glass than sand, and that the sand itself was made out of glass.  It was quite pretty!  Plus, I was the only person there which was also nice and relaxing.
It is too rocky to swim here, but it would be a nice spot for a picnic and a nice spot to collect beach glass of course!  Cory and I plan to make something out of our collection at some point.  We are not sure what we want to make quite yet, possibly a table top though.

 Here is part of our collection.  We have lots of clear, brown and green glass and a few blue, purple, and red!  We also have pieces of pottery or old dishes which is kind of neat because you can still see the designs on them. 
Here is an up-close look at the sand, it is hard to tell here but it is almost completely composed of tiny pieces of glass. Luckily, they are smooth and rounded from being in the ocean so it does not hurt to step on it!