Monday, September 12, 2011

Kamaaina Discount

We are official residents of Hawaii! Cory got his new drivers license about a month ago now but I just finally had time to get mine. In Hawaii it is required for everyone to take a written test before getting a new license.  Of course he passed and they actually print out the license right away and he was able to take it home with him that day. I decided that I would rather not take a test so I got a state id card instead.  It was still quite a process, they needed every possible type of official identification and a letter from my school saying that I am working for them for at  least a year.  I even had to get my fingerprints taken!  I couldn't get it the same day either and they do not mail them.  I was told to come back in 24 hours to pick it up. 

Now that we have our Hawaii id's we may be able to get something called a"kamaaina discount" at certain places.  Which is basically a discount for residents.  Some websites say you need a different type of resident card, but I know of at least a few places where the license or state id is plenty.  One of thing things I am looking forward to doing is a tour of the botanical gardens which normally costs around $20 and will now be free for us (if we go on a Sunday). I have also heard that some restaurants offer 15%-20% off, which would be nice!


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