Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kealia Beach and 'Opaeka'a Falls

We discovered another awesome area of Kauai, the city of Kapa'a.  It is not too far past Lihue, which seems to be the main city of the island that people go to from both ends.  It kind of reminded me of Ann Arbor because there are lots of random stores filled with unique artwork and things that you wouldn't be able to find just anywhere.  There are also lots of restaurants and of course they had a fruit-stand with fresh coconut, mango, papaya, and more.

Here is a picture of my favorite building...

We found the Kapa'a police station and we had to take a picture... it is so tiny!

After we did our shopping and stopped laughing at the police station,  we went to the beach!

The beach was a lot of fun. The waves were about  7 feet high and very consistent.  It was mostly just sand on the bottom, so it was nice to catch waves on our body board and not have to worry about slamming into a reef or rocks. We spent most of the day at the beach. Another great thing about this beach and Kapa'a is that you can rent two bikes for $10 and ride down a paved path overlooking the ocean. We did not do this but we did walk part of the path.  Here are a few pictures of what we saw.

Some kind of shelter, or foundation of an old building...

and some great ocean views...

Eventually we packed up and decided to make our way back towards home. On our way I saw a sign "Opaeka'a Falls 2 miles" so I decided to turn and see if we could find the waterfall.  We did and it was very easy to find. you could see it right off the road. Well worth a trip to see, especially if you happen to be in the area.

We decided to see if we could find a trail that would lead to the bottom, or to a even better view point. we did not find any such trail, however it did look like there was a old trail by the lookout that you could take. It looks a little steep and we did not have the proper footwear for that hike so we drove further up hill and around the falls into a very nice neighborhood and found a hiking trail that started between a line of houses and a field. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name. Although there was no waterfall at the end, we did see some great views!

The beginning of the trail... It looks like someones yard, but it's actually a trail. It gets much more trail like as we get into the forest that you can see in the background.

The trail was fairly easy, however it was uphill most the way... we found a nice bridge that crosses a river.
 On some parts of the trail, it was so dark from the thick trees, we could not even take good pictures.. as you can see the trees start to form a tunnel.

 Random picture of a cool tree...
 The awesome view!

 On our way back down the mountain we saw some strange moss growing, it looked like it would glow in the dark!

Another fun Saturday in Kauai completed.


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