Friday, September 23, 2011

Kukiolono Golf Course & McBryde Botanical Gardens

Last weekend we decided to stay closer to home and see what was in our area. Our first discovery was Kukiolono golf course, only a few minutes from our house! It has a beautiful long entrance way and the range overlooks the ocean in the distance. You would think it would be expensive to golf in Kauai right? Not here! Only $9.00! We did not end up playing but we got a bucket of balls and headed out to the range. It was worth the $3.00 we spent.

Next we went to the McBryde Botanical Gardens for "ohana day" which meant we got a free tour! A group of us were driven out in a bus a half mile into the gated property where we were dropped off and told to meet at the front in one hour to be driven back. During the hour we were free to explore the gardens. It was absolutely beautiful! It is defiantly something I could see doing again! It is always wonderful enjoying the outdoors here.

-Cory and Emilie