Saturday, October 1, 2011

Coconuts and Fire Dancers

Our school got to go on an interesting field trip yesterday...we were invited down the street to Kekaha Elementary School for a "special performance". It began with a local band who played a variety of Hawaiian songs. Next, a man came onto the stage and called up all the kids with birthdays in October and gave each of them a crown made out of woven coconut leaves.  After that, he brought out several coconuts and showed us different ways to break them open.  Some of the students got to go on stage and eat the coconut meat or drink the water inside.  Judging by the look on some of their faces, everyone was not a fan of fresh coconut!  I like it though! Then, the presenter used a stick and the coconut husk to start a small fire and he introduced the fire dancers.  He used the fire to light a torch which he passed on to a boy who was about 11 years old.  The boy started spinning it slowly like a baton, and it looked like he was nervous.  Then he froze, smiled, and did an amazing dance with the torch.  About four other boys also performed a dance with the torch.  They all did a wonderful job and were very talented! 


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