Friday, October 7, 2011

Cory Passed the Hawaii Real Estate Exam

Countless hours of studying paid off today as I passed the test for the Real Estate exam. This was probably the most difficult test I had taken since my statistics course at college. It was not the content that was hard like my statistics class though. It was the amount of content I needed to understand in a short period of time. I read two textbooks of information, and completed over 2,000 practice questions all in a month and a half. Something not many people are able to do apparently.

At the testing site, I spoke with people going in to take their brokers exam, they asked what real estate class/school I went to. This class is a prerequisite if you do not have a real-estate, law, or business degree. I was able to opt out of that class with my business degree. They were surprised that I was ready to take the exam and said good luck with slight sarcasm.

Upon completing the exam, there was a huge computer issue that prevented us from finding out our final scores. It took over an hour for the tech support to figure out how to view our scores. Thankfully they where all saved and able to be printed. It was the most stressful hour of my life but well worth the wait! Everyone was so happy for me that I passed while a few of the others I was with did not. I felt bad celebrating, but after that hour of waiting, I could not help my self.

Emilie went to the beach while I took my 3.5 hour test and thankfully she was back in time to hear the good news. It was nice to share the excitement with her. She is just as excited as I am, however she keeps thinking that this means she can become a stay at home mom one day...That's a battle for a different day :-)

After we left we went to "Olympic Cafe" to eat overlooking Kapa'a... food was great, but the service receives 2 stars.

Then we went to the bus stop and while we were waiting we found a cool looking hostel and snapped a quick pic of it for you all to see. It said $27-$69 a night. If your thinking about staying there, you might as well just sleep on the beach. Same amenities, but its free. This hostel is open to the elements, it does have a roof, but it definitely looks like it leaks.

Well that's all for now.

Mahalo for reading,

- Cory

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