Monday, October 17, 2011

Fern Grotto

On Sunday we went to the Fern Grotto which is located in Wailua.  It took awhile to get their on the bus, but luckily we made it time!  The grotto can be found a few miles from the ocean down Wailua River.  To get to the grotto we had to purchase tickets for a riverboat tour.  On our way there, the captain of the boat told us about some of the history of the area.  We were told that  the Wailua Valley used to be off-limits to everyone except for the royal family.

We arrived at a dock and the grotto was only a short walk away.  Along the path there were beautiful tropical plants, several varieties of wild ginger, bamboo, banana trees, and papaya trees.

Quickly, we arrived at the grotto.  The view was breathtaking, our pictures don't do it justice.  The grotto is a 30 foot deep cave with ferns growing from the walls. There is a very light stream that trickles down from the top.  There is a wooden deck/platform for visitors to view the grotto from.  It is a popular place to get married - and I can see why!  There was a small group of performers there who sang "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" for us.  Someone also did the hula!

This was a beautiful sight that I would recommend seeing!