Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Teaching Game

I recently made a "game" out of a file folder that has become a favorite pastime for my second graders.  It is called "build-a-word".

Inside the folder there are note cards with various letters and the spelling pattern we are working on.  For example, I have a card with the letters /oa/ and I also have the letters s, g,b,c,t, and /fl/.  The students can make goat, boat, coat, coast, and float.  The purpose of this game is to practice spelling and phonics concepts.

The set of cards I'm currently using has enough cards for the students to make 22 words.  As they build words they write each one down on a sticky note (which is also inside the folder).  I have written all the words down that they could possibly make and I put them in an "answer pocket".  After the student has built as many words as they could they pull out the answer card to check their work and to see if there were any other words that they could have built.

The best part is, they seem to love this game! 


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