Monday, October 10, 2011

Report Cards and the Sugar Mill

Today I had a "teacher planning day" to do report cards and general planning.  I remember people in the past making comments about how teachers are so lucky to get a day to put a letter on a report card.  Well, it is needed!  Report cards are a lot of work believe it or not.  It took me forever to make sure that the marks I chose were exactly what each student earned.  Also, there is only a teeny tiny space for me to leave comments, so I had to make sure what I wrote was positive but important.  I'm doing parent teacher conferences throughout this next week, I hope they go well!  We are now officially into our second quarter of the school year.  I'm looking forward to it, now that I have settled in a little bit more.  I have some projects planned that should hopefully be great learning experiences for the students, and hopefully fun!

On another topic... the school is located across the street from an old sugar mill that is in the process of being torn down (this was very recently decided).  However, there has been concerns that it won't be taken down correctly and it could be unsafe.  The soil around the school was tested for chemicals relating to the  mill and there is a meeting in Kekaha tonight about it.  I cannot go, but I'm anxious to hear what happens.  They are saying the people taking down the mill might need to wear protective bubble suits.  The question is that if THEY have to wear a bubble suit to be safe, are we safe?  We are literally directly across the street...just a little breeze send the dust from the mill directly to us.  Actually, the school used to be owned by the sugar mill.  It was there administration building.

 Kekaha Sugar Mill

Here is an article about the closing of the mill...


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