Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It was strange to be dressed in our "summer" clothes for the first time on Halloween. At school we did a pumpkin carving contest. Each classroom had a pumpkin to carve/decorate as a group. Ours turned about pretty good! My class choose to make a witch pumpkin, and they did it without any of my help (aside from just monitoring). I had them choose a partner, and each pair had 15 minutes to work on the pumpkin while the rest of the class chose from an assortment of activities I had for them in the classroom. 

 We won the "Most Creative" award.

After school, Cory and I went to Kekaha to pass out Halloween candy. We didn't think we would get any trick-o-treaters at our place because we live on top of a huge, steep hill that most kids (and parents) probably wouldn't want to climb.  Plus, in Kekaha I got to see some of the students from the school all dressed up in their costumes.


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