Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Our school has been invited to the island of Kahoolawe!  It is the smallest of the eight Hawaiian islands.  No one permanently lives on the island because the United States used to use it as a training ground and it was severely damaged by excessive bombing.  Now there is a project to restore the island.  Eventually, people may be able to visit the island.

The school has been on a wait list to volunteer at the island for several years!  Finally, a slot has opened up... April 2013.  I don't know any of the other details at this point, but it would be exciting to see an island that is mostly off-limits!  The entire island is on the national registry of historic places.

I found this on the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission website and thought it was interesting:
"Various ceremonies and rites are regularly performed on Kaho‘olawe using traditional cultural practices. The annual planting ceremony takes place every October at the beginning of the wet season, and people from both the KIRC and the Protect Kaho‘olawe ‘Ohana (PKO) come together to give offerings and open the planting season. Cultural practitioners, usually from the PKO, perform seasonal ceremonies for Kane and Kanaloa during the solstices. Proper burial ceremonies are also held when iwi kupuna are found on the island."

Here is the link to the website for more information about the island and restoration project!


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