Saturday, December 17, 2011

Corys Hawaii Update!

It has been a few days since my last blog post, but its hard to get motivated. At work, a large part of what I do is blogging and promoting our new website. Real Estate has been great the past few weeks. Now with the retired couples flying over to thaw out from the cold weather, business has really been picking up. I spent all day yesterday on the North Shore with my clients who have been looking for ocean front property.

Ocean front properties are something that sounds great in theory, however you are paying the ultimate premium for the privilege of being on the ocean. I have not done a complete market comparison, however from my experience, to live in a "ocean front property", you will be paying in the area of 1 million dollars just for  .2 acres of land, then you can tack on the value of the building that sits on it. The small price tag a side, the salt from the ocean causes damage to the exterior and requires lots of upkeep.

Real estate that is only slightly off the ocean does not hold such a high price tag, and tends to be less maintenance. Another thing that must be held into account is the increase of traffic if your home is on the ocean, especially if you are in a particularly nice area. 

Business has been great and I have created many new clients from first time home buyers to retirees who have created their wealth from real estate. It has been great meeting all these people and hearing their stories.

Our Hawaii Real Estate website is nearly finished! I keep thinking that the end is right around the corner, however the website has so much depth to it. The developers have been doing a great job getting this project exactly how we want it.

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