Friday, December 9, 2011

Festival of Lights

Last Friday we went to an awesome Christmas parade (in t-shirts of course)!  It was called The Festival of Lights.  It started right after sunset.  As the sun was setting hundreds of green parrots covered the sky! I had never seen them before, but I was told that it happens at sunset because they are flying back to their homes.  We were watching the parade from a large courtyard in front of one of the county buildings in Lihue.  The whole area was covered in a wonderful display of lights, which were all turned on at the same time when the parade began.
This was inside the county building.

 As the name of the parade implies, each float was covered with lights.  Two of the local high school bands also marched in the parade.  One of which just recently got back from the Macy’s parade in New York City! 
My ride to school!

Next Saturday I will be in a different Christmas parade with my school.  I think we are just walking in it, but I have been told that it a big parade and it should be fun.  The students are getting excited for it!  

- Emilie

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