Monday, December 12, 2011

Hula at Polihale

Yesterday instead of having a regular hula practice we went to Polihale.   I had to drive with someone else because you needed four-wheel drive to get to the part of the beach that we went to.  Polihale is an incredibly huge beach!  I finally got to experience driving on sand (well riding on it anyways)!  
While we were there, the dancers who will be competing in Merrie Monarch were videotaped by a professional videographer.  It was awesome seeing them dance on the beach!  We also took some group pictures. 
Afterwards we went into the ocean in our practice outfits (white pa’u skirt and black tube top) for a blessing.   The ocean was wonderfully calm and it was just before sunset.  We stood in a circle in knee-deep water and listened to a prayer that was spoken in Hawaiian, and then sung a hymn in Hawaiian (I knew it too)!  Next we all had to dip ourselves underwater for a moment (we were fully clothed in our practice outfits).  It is hard to describe, but it seemed to unify the group and was a special experience.

-  Emilie

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