Saturday, December 17, 2011

KANAKA Christmas Program

Last night was our school Christmas program!  The school spent the past several weeks getting ready for it.  All of the girls wore white muumuus and the boys wore dark pants and the school shirt.  Each student made themselves a lei to wear, the younger children had lei's for around their necks and the older students had a lei for the tops of their heads.  They turned out wonderfully!  They were made out of a dried leaf/pod type thing from a tree.  They were pretty time consuming to make, but since they are already dried the students can save them, unlike the fresh flower lei's which wilt quickly.

 An elementary student's lei.

The program began with a nativity play and bible readings in Hawaiian.  Next was a variety of Christmas hymns (also in Hawaiian).  Lastly, the students performed the hula.  That was my favorite part of the performance!  They are very talented.  There was also a pot-luck and afterwards each student and teacher was given a Christmas gift.  The teachers had all wrapped the gifts and hand made gigantic bows for each was quite a big task.  We got a duffel bag with the school logo in it :) 

 Dressed in our muumuus, waiting for the program to start!


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