Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sand Monster

Last weekend we went snorkeling at Poipu Beach.  The water is definitely a little colder in the winter months, but luckily it was a hot day so it wasn't too bad. Plus, we got to warm up at a nearby hot tub after! There was a guy spearfishing where all of the snorkelers were.  That made me a little uncomfortable, I don't want to be speared by accident!  Usually, when we see spear fishers, they are off on their own and away from snorkelers.  We were able to get a few good pictures and a video of what we are calling "the sand monster" -- but it was seriously nothing to be afraid of.  It was a really cool camouflaged fish. However, I will now think twice before setting my foot into the sand!

If you would like to see the video of the camouflaged fish we saw, go to this link!

- Emilie

Kukuiolono Garden

Tonight we went to the Kukuiolono Garden in Kalaheo.  They have a golf course, restaurant, and a small garden that is free to explore.  It was filled with sculptures, benches, and many different paths to wander down. Definitely a nice way to spend an evening!  There is also a pretty, but distant ocean view.

 I guess this is how people used to work out before medicine balls were invented!

 I never get tired of palm trees!

- Cory and Emilie

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cheapest 2 bedroom Condo for sale on Kauai!

So I came across this condo and I had to blog about it. Its one of those great investment opportunities that I am always looking for. Below are the stats and links to more info and pictures.  If you want to search for Kauai real estate on your own, feel free to check out the best real estate website for Hawaii: Ocean Rock Properties

2 Beds / 1.0 Baths • 750 sqft Living Area  • Price $112,500
 Top floor, end unit. Quiet, private.Lots of light. Peaceful mountain views from lanai. Affordable and move-in condition. Two bedrooms and living area are facing greenbelt between buildings.Dining area facing front greenbelt. Well maintained. Kitchen/dining has large pantry. Kauai's most convenient and affordable opportunity. Located in Puhi/Lihue with easy access to airport, hospital, Kauai Community College, middle school, YMCA, shops and restaurants.

 Nothing like a great value that is move in ready! Now really is a great time to buy. Please contact Cory Beadle, R(S) to schedule a showing or obtain further details. You can also search the Kauai MLS

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"New Student"

Yesterday I got a Flat Stanley in the mail from someone my sister works with.  I brought it to school and told my class that we have a new student who will be with us for a few days.  I pulled him out of the envelope and explained that he had to be flattened to come all the way to Hawaii.  My class was so excited! I told them that if they wanted to play with our visitor that they had to be very careful not to lose him, and afterwards they have to write a little note to tell his mom what he has been up to on his trip.

Later in the day, two second graders and one of my fifth grader asked me of they could stay inside at recess to read (this is something that I never say no to).  Without any input from me, they picked a few books and all sat together at a table.  The fifth grader got Stanley and held him up so he looked like he was standing up on the table. The second graders took turns reading, while the fifth grade student listened patiently and helped when needed.  I was so impressed at how well they worked together... Not only that, but this was their recess time! No workbook could have given them a memorable learning experience like this one.  We will be sending out our Flat Stanley's early next week!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wedding Photoshoot

Back in December we were in a wedding photo shoot.  It was a ton of fun and we got a lot of great pictures!   The photographer is named Renee Vanni, and she is from Alaska. Here is her website...

We thought we would share some of the pictures with you, enjoy! :)

 The day would not have been complete without a back-flip from Cory!

- Cory and Emilie

Friday, January 20, 2012

Beautiful homes of Kauai

The past few days I have had the privilege of showing many properties to a wonderful retired couple. We have seen it all, the good, the bad, ugly and beautiful. I would like to share with you a particularly beautiful and luxurious home Located in Lihue that is listed at the shockingly low price of 1.3 million. Now before you laugh, You are actually getting 2 homes for that price.  The main home has 3 bedrooms and the smaller home has 2 bedrooms. The entire property is professional landscaped and very impressive. The builder spared no expense. the great room has floor to ceiling windows with sliding glass doors that disappear into the walls opening up into a stone patio with a ocean view.
Although this home did not match the taste of my clients, I had to write about it. It has charm, elegance, investment potential, all at a great price!

Click on any picture to view more pictures and info.
 Front of main house
 Back of main house
Great room with doors half open, look at those windows!

The second home not pictured, but it is also in like new condition and well built

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rain Day

On Tuesday I was very pleasantly surprised with my first "Rain Day". It was an unusually gloomy morning and as soon as we started school it began to pour. This was only the third time it has rained during school hours since the beginning of the year. The other times it was just a light sprinkle.

Our school yard is almost entirely made of firmly packed dirt, with just a little grass growing in one area. Within in minutes, it was a giant mud puddle. Every day, the students eat lunch outside under a tent. However, the tent is for shade, not protection from rain because it tends to leak. These conditions would have made lunch time very unpleasant. Not to mention, very muddy children. Luckily, it was just before lunch time when the announcement was made...students are going home, due to the excessive rain! In previous years there were actually flash floods!

Teachers were given an unexpected half day for planning time :)


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kauai Real Estate

I have finally found a job that I truly enjoy doing everyday. Although real estate is a "sales" job, I don't feel like I need to sell people on anything. There are so many great  Kauai real estate opportunities that you need to get in now! Emilie and I are making plans to invest sometime this year before the market turns around.

The best investment for a non-resident is to purchase a condo and rent it out long term, or as a vacation rental. Renting it will cover the mortgage plus give you some cash in your pocket. With the market being the lowest in history, you can enjoy inflation as the market turns around. Although this is all speculation, there has been many key indicators that we should be expecting to experience the start of the recovery in the next year.


Kapaa Real Estate
Price: $148,559  Monthly Assn.: $279.00
Bedrooms (4) Bath (1.5) Yearly tax $948
Click the picture to find out more:

Hawaii is a world wide vacation hotspot and a highly desired place to live. The profit potential is much higher here then most other places around the world. With the demand for rental space being so high, you can expect to receive a premium for your condo. Long term and vacation rental rates tend to be much higher due to the public amenities like pools, hot tub, work out facilities, etc. However you will be paying association fees on top of your mortgage.

Purchasing a home and renting it is also a great way to take advantage of the distressed market. You will not  have association fees, and you will have more freedom to remodel and add on. However you have less to offer in terms of amenities and you are also open to more risk and complications should something go wrong.

In general, like most investments, the higher the risk the higher the reward. Real Estate in Hawaii is no different. Condos tend to be much less expensive, in better locations for the price, but you will be paying association fees to have the privilege to live in such a good location with amenities. Homes are more expensive and more maintenance, but you will hold onto more money per month because you will not be paying those association fees.

Condos are great for those with limited funds who want to get into the market now. You still have a high probability of growing your wealth with limited risk. Homes are perfect for those who are able to keep up on maintenance and have more money upfront to put down on a home. The bonus for having a larger down payment is not having to pay $400-$1000/month in assessment fees.

When I mention to people that Condos in Poipu have association fees over $1000, their jaws drop. But the income potential is huge. It is not uncommon for these condos to bring in over $50,000/year from vacation rental income. Remember, location, location, location. It is especially important for vacation rentals.

Deciding on a condo or a home as an investment can be difficult.  It is important to talk to a real estate agent to help decide what is best for you. I would recommend making a list of the five best deals on the market for condos and for homes separately. Do the math, and see what will bring you the highest return for your dollar, while keeping your stress and risk low.

- Cory

Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge

Yesterday we went to the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge because the admission was free for MLK weekend.  Normally it is only $5.00 per person, but we still hadn't gone yet.  When we got there we walked on a long path to a historic lighthouse.  Along the sidewalk were signs that gave information about animals that live at the refuge. The view was awesome since we were up on the cliffs.

 We saw tons of whales!  Mostly just the spouts and tails coming out of the water -- very cool though! 

 Beautiful view of the coast!

 This is the Nene --- the state bird of Hawaii.  It is on the endangered species list.  Apparently they disappeared from Kauai for awhile but they are making a comeback.

All of the white dots are birds.

We saw Albatros, which are birds with a 6-7 foot wingspan!  It felt like dinosaurs were flying over us.

After the light house we went to Lydgate Beach and a BBQ. A while back we bought a 1 burner propane stove and it is great for a quick cheap alternative to going out to eat while we are out for the day. So we cooked up some burgers and watched some kids surf.

Lydgate beach is very nice with multiple  lava rock inclosed swimming areas perfect for young kids learning to swim and snorkel. there are no waves in the inclosed areas. There are also many picnic tables and grassy areas to have a party or just to have a nice lunch. On this beach there is a lot of drift wood and places where people have had fires on the beach, but for the most part, the swimming area was clear of debris.

Cory & Emilie


Lately we have both been having really awful problems with allergies.  At first we could not figure out where this was coming from.  Then, more and more people mentioned how terrible the vog has been lately.  Vog is air pollution caused by volcanic emissions.  The word is a mixture of the words volcano and smog.  Apparently when the wind is just right, vog blows over from the Big Island.  I can't imagine how bad it would be to actually live there and deal with this stuff all the time.  This is just one more reason why I am so happy that we ended up on Kauai.  Although, it would be pretty cool to see lava!

For more information about vog, go to this link:


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maps of the United States

Living here in Hawaii has made me begin to look at maps more closely. I have noticed that Hawaii and Alaska are often left out of maps of the United States. It is kind of disappointing. In a Time for Kids magazine there was a graph of all the states that have ever been affected by a hurricane. Hawaii was even left out of that! I thought that was an especially careless mistake. Things like that are the reason that some of the younger students are confused about whether Hawaii is a part of the United States or not.


Mahalo Nui

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who offered to help with my Flat Stanley class project!! I really appreciate the help. Hawaii is so isolated and most of my students have never been out of the state. It will be for them to learn about other parts of the country in an exciting way. Thank you again!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Flat Stanley

My class is doing a "Flat Stanley" project this quarter. Flat Stanely is a story about a boy who is as flat as a piece of paper and his mom mails him across the country. I would like each of my students to mail theirs to someone in a different state. Then the recipient will write back to the student and include a picture of the Flat Stanley somewhere that state.

If you would like to help me with this project please email me! The following states are taken...




Hula has recently become more of a commitment. My class went from practicing one day a week, to three days a week! It will go back to one day after the Merrie Monarch competition. Tonight we learned a new song. This time it was in the auana style.

"Hula as it evolved under Western influence, in the 19th and 20th centuries, is called ╩╗auana (a word that means "to wander or drift"). It is accompanied by song and Western-influenced musical instruments such as the guitar, the ╩╗ukulele, and the double bass."

I found the auana style to be easier to catch on to than the kahiko style. However,I am enjoying both.

The halau is putting together a "Zumbafest" for later this month. Zumba is very popular here, and we are trying to break the world record for the largest hula class!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcoming 2012 and the whales!

On New Years Eve we spent the entire day at Poipu Beach. We came prepared with all of our beach chairs, football, food, etc. What I wish we had was a pair of binoculars! We saw several whales from shore, probably 200 yards away. Cory even saw one breach! It was pretty cool to be so close to them. There were some kayakers out on the ocean who must have really been enjoying the sight! Although, it may have been a little nerve racking for them. What if one was right underneath their kayak?

Later that night there was a concert by a few local bands right next to the water. The local bands around here are pretty well-known, because no one "mainstream" comes to Kauai. We got lucky and saw a great sunset while listening to the music. There were tons of people there! We have noticed that whenever there is a community event, it feels like the whole island comes out. We actually ended up hanging out with the photographer who did our photoshoot! To conclude the night, they had a fireworks show. It was definitely a memorable way to bring in 2012. If this year is even half as eventful as 2011, it will be a busy year!

 Our awesome beach set up!
Band setting up.

 Performance at sunset.

 The last sunset of 2011!

 Happy New Years!