Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"New Student"

Yesterday I got a Flat Stanley in the mail from someone my sister works with.  I brought it to school and told my class that we have a new student who will be with us for a few days.  I pulled him out of the envelope and explained that he had to be flattened to come all the way to Hawaii.  My class was so excited! I told them that if they wanted to play with our visitor that they had to be very careful not to lose him, and afterwards they have to write a little note to tell his mom what he has been up to on his trip.

Later in the day, two second graders and one of my fifth grader asked me of they could stay inside at recess to read (this is something that I never say no to).  Without any input from me, they picked a few books and all sat together at a table.  The fifth grader got Stanley and held him up so he looked like he was standing up on the table. The second graders took turns reading, while the fifth grade student listened patiently and helped when needed.  I was so impressed at how well they worked together... Not only that, but this was their recess time! No workbook could have given them a memorable learning experience like this one.  We will be sending out our Flat Stanley's early next week!