Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rain Day

On Tuesday I was very pleasantly surprised with my first "Rain Day". It was an unusually gloomy morning and as soon as we started school it began to pour. This was only the third time it has rained during school hours since the beginning of the year. The other times it was just a light sprinkle.

Our school yard is almost entirely made of firmly packed dirt, with just a little grass growing in one area. Within in minutes, it was a giant mud puddle. Every day, the students eat lunch outside under a tent. However, the tent is for shade, not protection from rain because it tends to leak. These conditions would have made lunch time very unpleasant. Not to mention, very muddy children. Luckily, it was just before lunch time when the announcement was made...students are going home, due to the excessive rain! In previous years there were actually flash floods!

Teachers were given an unexpected half day for planning time :)


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