Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Church Pot-Luck

Last weekend we went to a pot-luck at Poipu beach with people from the church we have been going to.  They wanted to do something special because there is a team of people from Indiana who are visiting for a week to volunteer. We currently meet inside of a school gym, but they are working on a building.  The team is working on the electrical stuff.  During the pot-luck a small group of hula dancers from the church performed. They drew a large audience from the people out on the beach!  They danced beautifully. We had a great time.  While I was there I couldn't help thinking about how lonely we felt when we first got here.  People are always getting together at the beach under the pavilions and we never knew anybody.  It felt really nice to be on the other side, and be one of the people who were a part of a group.  That might sound silly, but it is nice that we finally know people.  It is a strange feeling to not know anybody. We never would have thought that we would meet so many people here on Kauai, that are from Michigan!

- Emilie

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