Friday, February 3, 2012

Coffee Fields

On our way home this evening we decided to make a detour to check out the place that my parents are going to be staying at on their visit.  They are coming in March!  They found a bed and breakfast that is only a few minute drive from where we live!  We are so excited that they are coming to see us, it will feel good to show them first-hand what everything is like here.  It is awful to be missing people all the time.  The bed and breakfast looks really nice, it has an ocean view and a view of the mountains.  I really think that Kalaheo has some of the nicest views on the island.  It is a very peaceful little town.

On our way back we decided to do a little exploring.  Somehow we found a little dead-end street with a parking lot and small soccer field.  We saw several people coming out of a narrow trail next to the field.  Of course, we wanted to see where the trail led to.  We were hoping it would lead us to some kind of secret beach, because there is not an accessible beach in Kalaheo (that we know about).

 Quickly we realized that the little trail had taken us into the coffee fields that belong to Kauai Coffee.  It felt like they were never-ending.  The ocean didn't look like it was too far away, so we began walking toward it.

We walked, and walked, and walked.

We had probably walked about a mile and a half in when we reached the ocean. We were on top of a cliff which dropped off sharply down to the water.  There was no way to get down.  However, we still enjoyed the view!

On the way back it began to get dark.  I was a little nervous that a wild boar was going to run out at us.  We have heard stories about them being quite aggressive.  We saw their tracks and heard one in the fields.  Luckily we did not see one and we made it back before we lost all of the sunlight.

- Emilie