Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mahaulepu Beach

Last Saturday we spent the day at Mahaulepu Beach with a retired couple from church.  Believe it or not, they are from Michigan! They moved to Hawaii in August.  They invited us to join them for the day because we had never been to this particular beach and they told us that it is best to have four-wheel drive to get down the road that leads up to it (they have a Jeep).  I think that a two-wheel drive could make it, but it was definitely a bumpy ride!  I don't know if we would want to put our PT through that or not.

It didn't take us long to realize that we had found a  hidden gem of Kauai.  The water was the most brilliant blue, pictures don't do it justice. We went on a really nice walk from the beach up to nearby cliffs which overlooked the swimming area.  There were some really cool rock formations made from a combination of lava and the ocean wearing away at the rock for so many years.  It was easy to spot whales from where we were too.

 I love this picture!  This is what I meant when I said you can see how the ocean has worn away the cliff over the years.  Look at the water!  It was SO incredibly clear!

 On our journey we found some cool little caves... of course Cory couldn't resist climbing in! :)
 Again, isn't the water just awesome!  On our entire hike there was no sign of "civilization" ... no roads, houses or cars.  It was so peaceful.

 Here is a cool little cave we found.

 Look how the cliff just appears to have broken off.

After we had finished our walk we were ready to get in the water!  Since this beach was pretty empty, Cory thought it was about time to try spear fishing.  Since the water was so clear we knew he would easily be able to spot the fish.  He said that the spear was easier to use and aim than he had thought it would be. Although he did not catch anything this time I'm sure he will next time!  There were not as many big fish as we see at Poipu Beach and he didn't want to bother with a little one.  It was a good place for him to practice though!

All in all, we had a wonderful day.  Of course, a day at the beach is always relaxing and this one was especially nice because it was so beautiful there!  If you visit Kauai I would make a point to try to visit this beach!

- Emilie

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