Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Trip to Michigan

Someone asked me the funniest thing recently, "don't you miss dressing up for winter?"

Haha! Nope, I do not miss this part of Michigan at all.  Despite all of my warm clothes I used to wear, I was never warm enough.  We have been missing home though.  We are planning to come back from June 25ish to July 16th.  We have not gotten our plane tickets yet, but we will soon.  It will be great to see everyone!!  I'm especially excited to stay at my friend Staci's new bed and breakfast.  It is for scrapbookers and looks absolutely wonderful.  I will finally get to do our wedding scrapbook!

For any scrapbookers, or crafty people of any kind, you should check out her website!


 I also can't wait to go shopping.  There are not many choices out here.  The only decent place to buy regular clothes is Macy's.  There are lots of shops with swim wear, cover ups, aloha shirts, but not many with just regular clothes.  Thankfully my mom, Natalie, Becky, and Cory's mom have sent me some things this year!

Most of all, we are really looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family.

- Emilie

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