Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Night

Last night we went to the mall for the weekly Friday night entertainment.  The best part about it is that is is free and it is always nice to be outside after spending the day in the classroom.  Tons of families come out and the parents sit and watch the show while the kids wander around the mall.  It seems like it is where are the high school students hang out on Friday's.  We ran into one of the guys the Cory has coached for gymnastics.  I'm pretty sure all of his friends thought we were in high school too.  The kids showed off some back-tucks for everyone.  Of course I also ran into students from my school which was fun.  The show was pretty good.  It was a guy singing a variety of popular songs like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Hawaiian Superman".  We are hoping one day that they will have a comedian.  Once we saw an ice-sculpture competition! Earlier this year, Cory was in a gymnastics exhibition there. One of the silliest sounding, but nicest things about going to the mall on Friday nights is that there are NO bugs! In Michigan, there  would have been swarms of moths and other bugs around the light fixtures.  We didn't see one last night. 

- Emilie

Grad School

I have been accepted into grad school and I start taking classes in May!  I will be attending Eastern Michigan University's online master's program for Educational Leadership (K-12 Administration).  The program will take about two years, maybe a little longer depending on how many classes I take per semester.  I was not able to attend a college here because all we have available is Kauai Community College (they do not offer master's programs).  So an online program was my only option. 

Wish me luck!

- Emilie

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cory's New Listing - Poipu Condo $279,000

I have recently signed on a new client, and I am excited to share with you their 1bed 1 bath condo that is now for sale! This couple moved to Kauai from Michigan and are now looking to move from this condo to a new home on the island. Recently remodeled, his unit has been a successful vacation rental property for many years and is in a GREAT location. Walking distance to multiple beaches and shopping centers. It is a must see!

MLS# 253134 - 222 Wikomo Streams


WALKING DISTANCE TO POIPU BEACH! Currently owner-occupied and easy to show! Has been a successful vacation rental property for many years. This property has been featured on multiple rental brochures for Waikomo Streams. This is an interior unit offering a cooler and quieter setting as compared to a corner unit.
Motivated seller, looking for offers!

Key Attributes:
-Stunning Koa wood trim throughout (rare)
-Remodeled kitchen with stainless appliances and Hawaiian art -Tile-work on back-splash.
-New cabinet hardware on teak veneer.
-Lots of new lighting, fans hardware etc.
-New upholstery & pads
-New chairs
-New chandelier in dining area
-New fans
-New patio furniture

Washer, dryer and furniture included in sale! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

School and Classroom

I realized I have not posted many pictures of my classroom or school... so for the family and friends who are curious, I am posting pictures below so you can get a feel for where I work!

 This is where the students eat lunch.

 Cory and my Dad are standing where the students line up to go inside the school.  The sheds are used for storage and supplies.

 Flat Stanley project!

 My desk.

 My classroom library is so full now that I am almost out of space!

 Another view of the classroom.

 I love the smart board and the awesome touch-screen computers in the corner! See the classroom next door?  Our school does not have hallways, all the rooms are connected.

 Math supplies.

 Vocabulary words in Hawaiian and English. 

 The door to enter the school... the shelves next to the door are where students put their"slippers" (flip-flops).  Students go barefoot inside of the school.
 This is the area where the students have recess.

Another view of the play area.

- Emilie

North Shore

On my parents last day of vacation we went up to the north shore.  There typically isn't any reason for us to go there since there are plenty of beaches closer to where we live and all of the shopping is in the more central area of the island.  However, it is very beautiful there, there are more waterfalls and it feels more tropical to us.  Definitely a sight worth seeing.  We made a few stops along the way but made it to the very end of the road as far as you can go on the island.  The end of the road is actually the start of the Kalalau Trail which is the 11 mile hike along the Na Pali Coast.  We did the first quarter mile of the hike and got some great pictures!

- Emilie

Na Pali Coast

One of the highlights from last week with my parents was our trip to see the Na Pali Coast.  It is only accessible by foot or by boat... seeing how the trail was 11 miles and very treacherous, we chose to see it by boat.   We arrived at 7:00 a.m. and were treated to a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit.  There were about 50 people total going on the tour.  As we began our journey to the Na Pali Coast we saw dozens of dolphins swimming next to the boat!  We also saw several whales and a few sea turtles.

After a long (but enjoyable) boat ride past Hanapepe, Waimea, Kekaha, the base, and Polihale beach, we finally began to see Na Pali Coast.  There were countless streaks from where old waterfalls used to be.  They were re-routed many years ago for irrigation purposes.  We also saw a few actual waterfalls, and the gorgeous green mountains of course!

On our way back we stopped and went snorkeling!  The water was crystal clear, not too cold, and filled with an awesome variety of tropical fish.  

After snorkeling we had sandwiches for lunch and headed back.  By that time I was tired and the boat practically rocked me to sleep!

- Emilie

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Farmers Market

You can find a farmers market six days a week on Kauai!  Cory and I had gone to them a few times... but always at the end and it seemed to be pretty picked over.  This past week we arrived at the market right as it was about to open.  We could hardly find parking because it was so packed!  There was a crowd of people waiting to get in and shop.  We were able to find a couple of good deals on fresh fruits, my favorites being apple-bananas and papayas. There was definitely a wide and unique selection.  People also sold beautiful bouquets of tropical flowers for only $5.00!  Now that seemed like a good deal to me (hint hint Cory)!  People getting married on the island would definitely not have to worry about spending a lot of money on a florist!

 We bought the coconut that my mom is holding and we watched our salesman use a machete to cut of the top of it so we could drink the water! 

 Here is everything we bought.. yum!  Yes you can eat those red spiky things in the back.  You cut them open and inside is a kind of fruit that tastes like a grape but it has a seed in the center.

Here is my mom, getting all of the "meat" out of the coconut!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break and Botanical Gardens

Spring Break is here!!!  I had a great 3rd quarter, but I was ready for a break.  To make it even better, my parents are visiting us for the week.  They arrived on Friday night and we have been pretty busy ever since.  We decided to start by going to the things that are close to Kalaheo and later in the week we will venture to the West and North parts of the island.  My mom took a ton of really great pictures today at the Botanical Gardens!  It was really different than last time we went because there were totally different flowers in bloom.  I had forgotten how beautiful it was there!  We had a great time!  Later this week we are going to go on a boat tour to the Na Pali Coast!

 This is what Cory's beard is going to look like in 40 years :)

- Emilie

Education Conference

On Wednesday we had a half day of school and then left for the education conference on Oahu. It was so fun to watch the kids excitement in the airport as they looked out at the runway, thrilled with the sight of each plane.

When we arrived we pretty much just ate and went to bed because we had to be up at five am the next morning.

The conference was held at the Marriott in Waikiki. It started with a presentation from a guest speaker with all the schools that attended. The schools were all Hawaiian focused charter schools. Next we broke into groups to attend student presentations. It was very impressive to hear students presenting what they learned in Hawaiian and English.

 My class did a wonderful job with their presentation. The only challenge was that we were not able to see or go into our room to set up before our audience entered. Despite that, it went really well. I think it was clear that they really understood the writing process and their final pieces were very informative. It was fun for them to kind of show off all their hard work to an audience.

Next, we were treated to a buffet lunch with all of the other schools. After lunch we went on a walk along the ocean to the Waikiki aquarium. For anyone traveling to Oahu, I would definitely recommend the aquarium! They have a very diverse display of sea creatures. Some of my favorites are below!

 Later that evening we went back to the Marriott for the cultural student presentations. There was a variety of hula dances, skits, and singing. Mostly middle school and high school students performed. Every school did such a good job. Since I have been taking hula classes myself, I know it is not easy so I was really able to appreciate their hard work.

By the time we got back we were exhausted and fell right asleep. During the night it started to storm and one of my poor second graders was terrified. It was her first time away from home too!

The next day we went to one of the charter schools where we learned a song in Hawaiian. It was written by the teacher at the school. Then we were taught a hula dance.

Finally, it was time for me to leave so I could meet my parents back in Kauai for spring break!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oahu Trip Number 3

On Wednesday I will be leaving for my 3rd trip to Oahu! This time I will not be accompanied by my husband, but my class. They are presenting at the Ku I Ka Lono conference on Thursday morning. Their presentation is 45 minutes long! It includes a PowerPoint presentation and reading their non-fiction books in Hawaiian and English. I am excited! It should be a good experience. They have worked so hard this quarter on these books. I was told there are workshops we can attend afterward. I'm hoping there is one on lei making. There are many different types of leis and I would love to learn another style. -Emilie

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rainy Week

It rained almost every day this past week!  Not the usual 30 second mist that we get, but actual downpours.  I feel bad for people who were here on vacation this week!  I would have never thought that Hawaii would have a whole week of bad weather until we moved here.  I guess that is what keeps everything so green though!  We heard thunder and saw lightening for our first time since we left Michigan.  There was flooding in some parts of the island.  There is a bridge you have to cross to get to Hanalei which was apparently shut down because the river had gotten so high that it was washing over the bridge.  There was also flooding in Waimea, a few roads were shut down and they even shut down the grocery store!  I'm happy to say that today is finally sunny again!  I hope the rain stays away while my parents are here!!

- Emilie