Sunday, March 11, 2012

Education Conference

On Wednesday we had a half day of school and then left for the education conference on Oahu. It was so fun to watch the kids excitement in the airport as they looked out at the runway, thrilled with the sight of each plane.

When we arrived we pretty much just ate and went to bed because we had to be up at five am the next morning.

The conference was held at the Marriott in Waikiki. It started with a presentation from a guest speaker with all the schools that attended. The schools were all Hawaiian focused charter schools. Next we broke into groups to attend student presentations. It was very impressive to hear students presenting what they learned in Hawaiian and English.

 My class did a wonderful job with their presentation. The only challenge was that we were not able to see or go into our room to set up before our audience entered. Despite that, it went really well. I think it was clear that they really understood the writing process and their final pieces were very informative. It was fun for them to kind of show off all their hard work to an audience.

Next, we were treated to a buffet lunch with all of the other schools. After lunch we went on a walk along the ocean to the Waikiki aquarium. For anyone traveling to Oahu, I would definitely recommend the aquarium! They have a very diverse display of sea creatures. Some of my favorites are below!

 Later that evening we went back to the Marriott for the cultural student presentations. There was a variety of hula dances, skits, and singing. Mostly middle school and high school students performed. Every school did such a good job. Since I have been taking hula classes myself, I know it is not easy so I was really able to appreciate their hard work.

By the time we got back we were exhausted and fell right asleep. During the night it started to storm and one of my poor second graders was terrified. It was her first time away from home too!

The next day we went to one of the charter schools where we learned a song in Hawaiian. It was written by the teacher at the school. Then we were taught a hula dance.

Finally, it was time for me to leave so I could meet my parents back in Kauai for spring break!


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