Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday Night

Last night we went to the mall for the weekly Friday night entertainment.  The best part about it is that is is free and it is always nice to be outside after spending the day in the classroom.  Tons of families come out and the parents sit and watch the show while the kids wander around the mall.  It seems like it is where are the high school students hang out on Friday's.  We ran into one of the guys the Cory has coached for gymnastics.  I'm pretty sure all of his friends thought we were in high school too.  The kids showed off some back-tucks for everyone.  Of course I also ran into students from my school which was fun.  The show was pretty good.  It was a guy singing a variety of popular songs like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Hawaiian Superman".  We are hoping one day that they will have a comedian.  Once we saw an ice-sculpture competition! Earlier this year, Cory was in a gymnastics exhibition there. One of the silliest sounding, but nicest things about going to the mall on Friday nights is that there are NO bugs! In Michigan, there  would have been swarms of moths and other bugs around the light fixtures.  We didn't see one last night. 

- Emilie

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