Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rainy Week

It rained almost every day this past week!  Not the usual 30 second mist that we get, but actual downpours.  I feel bad for people who were here on vacation this week!  I would have never thought that Hawaii would have a whole week of bad weather until we moved here.  I guess that is what keeps everything so green though!  We heard thunder and saw lightening for our first time since we left Michigan.  There was flooding in some parts of the island.  There is a bridge you have to cross to get to Hanalei which was apparently shut down because the river had gotten so high that it was washing over the bridge.  There was also flooding in Waimea, a few roads were shut down and they even shut down the grocery store!  I'm happy to say that today is finally sunny again!  I hope the rain stays away while my parents are here!!

- Emilie

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