Wednesday, March 21, 2012

School and Classroom

I realized I have not posted many pictures of my classroom or school... so for the family and friends who are curious, I am posting pictures below so you can get a feel for where I work!

 This is where the students eat lunch.

 Cory and my Dad are standing where the students line up to go inside the school.  The sheds are used for storage and supplies.

 Flat Stanley project!

 My desk.

 My classroom library is so full now that I am almost out of space!

 Another view of the classroom.

 I love the smart board and the awesome touch-screen computers in the corner! See the classroom next door?  Our school does not have hallways, all the rooms are connected.

 Math supplies.

 Vocabulary words in Hawaiian and English. 

 The door to enter the school... the shelves next to the door are where students put their"slippers" (flip-flops).  Students go barefoot inside of the school.
 This is the area where the students have recess.

Another view of the play area.

- Emilie

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