Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break and Botanical Gardens

Spring Break is here!!!  I had a great 3rd quarter, but I was ready for a break.  To make it even better, my parents are visiting us for the week.  They arrived on Friday night and we have been pretty busy ever since.  We decided to start by going to the things that are close to Kalaheo and later in the week we will venture to the West and North parts of the island.  My mom took a ton of really great pictures today at the Botanical Gardens!  It was really different than last time we went because there were totally different flowers in bloom.  I had forgotten how beautiful it was there!  We had a great time!  Later this week we are going to go on a boat tour to the Na Pali Coast!

 This is what Cory's beard is going to look like in 40 years :)

- Emilie

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